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About AnyPet.com
Anypet.com is a pet finder service to help anyone find active pet breeders, for dogs and cats. People interested in contacting breeders for specific breeds, simply select a breed then compose an email and send. The email is sent to several breeders at once, for the selected breed. Breeders for the breed you select will contact you by phone or email, which ever you select.

Breeders advertise pets (puppies or kittens) for sale for free. Anypet.com has hundreds of breeders listed nationwide, some pet breeders select to add a photo of their puppy or kitten breed. These photos may be viewed in Anypet’s Gallery of Pet Breeds. These pet photos have individual breeder contact information.


All breeders are independent breeders and not part of AnyPet.com. When communicating with breeders, have a list of questions ready, get references, and ask about any contract, guarantee or registration papers. When able, visit the breeder’s home to view the environment and meet the parents of the pets for sale. Please return to AnyPet.com to give a review of the contacts made with breeders to help others learn more about your experiences.

Should anyone experience any negative encounters with breeders listed, please let AnyPet.com know. Breeders listed make us look good or bad, we prefer good. AnyPet.com will intervene, should you experience serious problems with listed breeders, when it comes to the health or environment of the pets involved.